My speaking engagements range from keynote addresses for large organizations to workshops and talks in schools and religious congregations.

My talks are lively, soulful and peppered with humor. I speak from the heart about practical matters for professionals and parents like “How to Build a Private Practice” or “Raising Teenagers and the Art of Mud Wrestling.”

I often speak on psychoanalytic concepts in talks such as “To Envy and Be Envied,” “Hating and Forgiving” and “The Healing Power of the Self.” In sermons, such as “Too Cool to Pray,” I build bridges between the psyche and the spirit.

I also run leadership workshops to move religious congregations toward healthy functioning. I explore psychoanalytic concepts relevant to lay leaders such as projection and transference. I also use Family Systems Theory to foster understanding of congregations as emotional systems.

If you'd like to contact me for an initial 20 minute phone consultation to talk about your specific concerns and figure out whether I'm the right person for you to work with, please call: 212-402-5454.

Anger Management • Relationship Roadblocks • Anxiety and Depression • Life Transitions • Trauma • Eating Disorders and Body Image • Overcoming Creative Blocks • Substance Abuse • Spiritual Development