Parenting Solutions

Do you want to make your home a happier place?

Are you locked in a power struggle with your daughter?

Is your son making choices that worry you?

Are you sick of yelling?

Whether it’s coming from your toddler or your teen, it’s hard to stay calm in the face of open rebellion, destructive decisions or even a bad attitude.

You want to raise your kids to be their best selves, to use their gifts to contribute to the world. Despite your wishes, parenting can trigger all sorts of painful feelings: worry, disappointment, sadness, irritability and anger. That stress can turn on bruising self-attacks like: "I’ve failed as a parent. It's all my fault."

You can guide your children without letting your own hang-ups and insecurities knock you off your center. Becoming a stronger more compassionate parent is the goal. I can help you interact with your children in a more loving way, take a genuine interest in their world and help them to navigate the snags of missteps and social cruelties. You can learn to let go while staying connected to yourself and your kids.


If you'd like to contact me for an initial 20 minute phone consultation to talk about your specific concerns and figure out whether I'm the right person for you to work with, please call: 212-402-5454.

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