Couples Therapy

Does your connection need rewiring? Has your relationship gone from romance to roommates?

You want a fun, supportive, sexually alive relationship. But you often end up feeling hurt, disappointed, unloved and alone. I can help you identify the blocks to the relationship you want. Together we will figure out ways to change the patterns that no longer serve you. You and your partner can learn how to talk about the topics that have morphed into land mines. I can help you air the ghosts of the past so they no longer shape the future. Together, we can prepare for transitions like marriage or a new child. Healthy intimacy is a key ingredient to inner peace.


If you'd like to contact me for an initial 20 minute phone consultation to talk about your specific concerns and figure out whether I'm the right person for you to work with, please call: 212-402-5454.

Anger Management • Relationship Roadblocks • Anxiety and Depression • Life Transitions • Trauma • Eating Disorders and Body Image • Overcoming Creative Blocks • Substance Abuse • Spiritual Development